Frequently Asked Questions

Normally this section shouldn’t be necessary as Uniway is designed to be simple and easy. But since you got here let’s talk about the less obvious things.

Q: For start, how do I login?

A: Use the same credentials that you use to access the institutional Students Information System otherwise known as “Φοιτητολόγιο” or “Ηλεκτρονική Γραμματεία” or “Students Class” or “MyStadies”. Note that unlike other similar mobile applications, the login form where you provided your username and password is owned by your institution and not by a third uncertified party.

Q: Can I use Uniway to register for the courses of this semester?

A: Uniway for the time being is designed for read only access as far as your student enrollment is concerned. It is not indented to replace your web based student portal for core operations that require write access, such as courses registration.

Q: Where does the information come from and how often is updated?

A: Uniway content comes directly from authoritative systems owned by your institution and becomes available on a real time base. No manual updates of the content takes place by the Uniway team, no parsing of Institutional web pages is used. Everything is happening via formal communication channels that have been agreed in a framework of a national project.

Q: I don’t see my institution on the list. When will it become available?

A: Uniway connects to the institutional systems using a structured communication language (know also as Application Programming Interface, to the students of computing science). Consider this as the outcome of the contract been made between two parties which allows machine-to-machine communication using pre agreed methods. This design guaranties the accuracy of the data provided via Uniway, but requires some effort on behalf of the institutions to implement and establish the connection. Now, the majority of the public Greek Universities and Technical Institutions do have the technical expertise and the backend systems to cope with these requirements. If your institution falls into this category, then it is likely to see it in the list very soon. However there are few, that won’t be able to connect with Uniway in the near future for technical reasons. Please contact the Uniway team or the Students Affairs division of your institution for additional info.

Q: Who provides the Uniway?

Α: Uniway is provided by GUnet, the Greek Universities Network, and it is made available to all its members (the Greek Universities and Technical Institutions). The development of Uniway was funded by the “National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2015” as part of a national initiative which goal was to develop advanced network services in academia.